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Privacy Policy

Last updated 2018-05-16.

If you decide to log in to Pseudo via one of the services provided, you will be redirected to a third-party login page. We will not be able to access your login credentials.

We use the display name and profile picture associated with the account you choose to log in from to display your name, score, and profile picture to other users in games.

When you log in, we store the following pieces of information about you:

  • the service which you logged in from
  • a numeric identifier of your account from the service
  • your username
  • your display name (if applicable)
  • a URL to your profile image

That's it. If you are logged in, you can review or manually delete all information we hold about you by clicking here. We delete all information held about you automatically after logging out, or 14 days of inactivity.

We do NOT, under any circumstance:

  • store your email address, or any other sensitive information
  • read additional data from your account, such as your profile or your post history
  • perform any action on your behalf on the account you logged in with
  • transfer stored data about you to other parties for any purpose other than displaying in a Pseudo game
  • use accessed data for any purpose other than identification

Please note that if you are logged in, other users of the site may be able to use the information provided to access public information on your profile. You should review the privacy policy and update your privacy settings on the services you log in with.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies solely to keep you logged in between sessions and to remember your preferences, such as for light/dark mode. We only use these cookies on Pseudo and not on any other sites, and we will never share these cookies with anyone else nor use them to track you across other sites.

Click here for more information about cookies, and how you can control or disable them.