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  • Added classic dictionary for BP

MrInanimated, 2016-01-29


  • Added country word list
  • Split the pokemon word list into pre and post gen 3

MrInanimated, 2016-01-16


  • Added a harder English word list for sketch
  • Added Ctrl+Z shortcut for undo in sketch

MrInanimated, 2016-01-03


  • Added undo and fill tools for sketch

MrInanimated, 2016-01-02


  • Added Food word list
  • Filtered out more obscure entries from the video games word list
  • Added round timer option for sketch

MrInanimated, 2016-01-01


  • Changed checking algorithm to work better with the video games word list
  • Added more words to the video games word list
  • Added a pass button to give artists a limited number of passes to get another word
  • Added Anime word list for sketch

MrInanimated, 2015-12-26


  • Added Video Games word list
  • Changed the way that close guess detection works

MrInanimated, 2015-12-26


  • Custom word lists for sketch game
  • Added Animals word list
  • Added Pok√©mon word list
  • Added Full English word list

MrInanimated, 2015-12-22


  • AFK mode (Type /afk to toggle)
  • Misc bugfixes

MrInanimated, 2015-12-21


  • Color Wheels Are Hard: changed color selection tool because no-one could use it
  • Removed some difficult words from the sketch word list
  • Added 1000+ new words to the sketch word list
  • Changed up the word randomization
  • Misc bugfixes

MrInanimated, 2015-12-20


  • Added game length setting for the sketch game
  • Added /draworder command for the sketch game
  • First wave of bugfixes for the sketch game

MrInanimated, 2015-12-19


  • Added a sketch game

MrInanimated, 2015-12-19


  • Fixed some bugs in Typefighter
  • Added score display in Typefighter
  • Added Typefighter to selection in homepage

MrInanimated, 2015-11-19


  • New mode (unfinished): Typefighter
  • Added game type selection to homepage in preparation

MrInanimated, 2015-11-18


  • Changed JQV mode to JQXZ
  • Added Mild, Hard and Masochistic prompt difficulty modes

MrInanimated, 2015-10-06


  • Added CSW12 to the dictionary
  • Added "a" and "I" to the dictionary

MrInanimated, 2015-09-26


  • Added ability to choose between normal dictionary, JQV (all words must contain J, Q or V) or nesses (all words must contain "ness")
  • Added minimum prompt length option
  • Extended prompt length range from 2-5 to 1-5
  • Made scoreboard stay open on subsequent page loads if the user leaves it open
  • Added public changelog

MrInanimated, 2015-09-26


  • Added 100 random letters mode

MrInanimated, 2015-09-25


  • Removed white, gray and dark blue from colour selection due to conflicts
  • Added ability to choose progress bar colour
  • Added basic private mode
  • Added description meta tag

MrInanimated, 2015-09-17


  • Redid customisation interface
  • Three types of customisable hearts, heart-shaped, parallelogram or hexagon
  • Choice of 10 colours for each type of heart
  • Added ability to choose prompt colour
  • Removed Herobrine

MrInanimated, 2015-09-16


  • Added unique avatars for guests via Gravatar
  • Guests can get unicorns
  • Scoreboard now uses avatars instead of names

MrInanimated, 2015-09-05


  • Fixed hexagonal hearts on firefox

MrInanimated, 2015-09-04


  • Added customisation for hearts
  • Fixed animation bug for chrome

MrInanimated, 2015-09-03



  • Fixed bug to do with cards of players that have left
  • Fixed scroll bar on long answers
  • Fixed line breaks in answers
  • Added ability to join mid-game

MrInanimated, 2015-08-31


  • Fixed issue with some of the cards in BPAH
  • Fixed randomisation so we don't get the same card over and over again
  • Fixed graphical bugs with BPAH

MrInanimated, 2015-08-30


  • Major code refactor (~4000 lines)
  • Added BombPartyAgainstHumanity mode

MrInanimated, 2015-08-30


  • Added keyboard shortcuts for skipping, focussing to the game or the chat, and joining games
  • Sphenopalatineganglionmawhatsit

MrInanimated, 2015-08-23


  • Added a flip progress bar
  • Added local setting to hide the flip progress bar
  • Fixed bug to do with time display
  • Fixed settings tab display issue

MrInanimated, 2015-08-21


  • Implemented locally saved setttings
  • Added local setting to disable all CSS animations and transition

MrInanimated, 2015-08-20


  • Relocated scoreboard
  • Changed start game process: no timer, first player starts game whenever they want
  • Added ability to have single player games

MrInanimated, 2015-08-19


  • Added scoreboard for stat tracking
  • Added scoreboard sync so new players can see correct stats
  • Added Hectic's suggestion for scoring words
  • Fixed maximum word length only being 30
  • Removed Herobrine

MrInanimated, 2015-08-17


  • Tweaked arrow rotation code for being different from original BP
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Added stat tracking support
  • Added pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcano(c|k)onios(i|e)s
  • Updated CSS to fit 45 letter long words on one line

MrInanimated, 2015-08-14


  • Partially removed unicorns

MrInanimated, 2015-08-01


  • Unicorns

MrInanimated, 2015-08-01


  • Added random and scrabble bonus letter sets
  • Added darmstadtium, roentgenium, copernicium, flerovium, livermorium and their plurals

MrInanimated, 2015-07-29


  • Added kick, ban, mod, transfer host, unban and unmod functions

MrInanimated, 2015-07-24


  • CSS is the worst thing ever
  • In other news, fixed chat overflow on non-webkit browsers
  • Dictionary cleanup: removed most of the legacy words from BPBot
  • Added Enable2K words to the dictionary
  • Added floccinaucinhilipilificat -e -es -ing -ed -ion -ions
  • Added hippopotomonsetrosesquipedalian
  • Added honorificabilitudinitatibus
  • Added trinitrophenylmethylnitramine -s
  • Touched up user options menu

MrInanimated, 2015-07-23


  • Added skip button
  • Added win condition where you win upon attaining the maximum lives possible
  • Fleshed out users tab slightly
  • Added user options menu when a username is clicked
  • Added Autolinker on that chat
  • Changed game start timer from 5s to 10s

MrInanimated, 2015-07-21


  • Added max lives, starting lives and change prompt on death settings to the game
  • Made the bomb tick faster smoothly as time goes on
  • Minor bugfix for when the bomb tick breaks on entering a room where a game is in progress

MrInanimated, 2015-07-18


  • Changed game font to Montserrat
  • Changed font colour in dark mode to not be as bright

MrInanimated, 2015-07-18


  • Added buttons to switch between sub-tabs in the sidebar
  • Added placeholder for users tab
  • Fixed being able to select the settings tab while it is offscreen

MrInanimated, 2015-07-17


  • Switched to redis as a less cumbersome datastore
  • Refactor of main server code

MrInanimated, 2015-07-16


  • Small authentication bug fixes
  • Small changes to settings tab

MrInanimated, 2015-07-11


  • Added ability to sign in to app
  • Added a theme inspired by Bootswatch
  • Implemented two colour schemes and a switchable button
  • Finalized settings tab
  • Small bugfixes involving roles
  • Removed Herobrine

MrInanimated, 2015-07-10


Initial commit:

  • Simple chat interface implemented
  • Basic BP game implemented
  • Dictionary from BPBot used
  • Moved rendering away from canvases to pure HTML elements

MrInanimated, 2015-07-06